Friday, April 20, 2012

Unexpected Doctor Visit

Yesterday, I was perched at the front counter working when a familiar face strolled by. I called to him by name and he turns around to say “Juli! There you are, I’ve been looking everywhere for you.”

Well, that was a nice greeting! Apparently, the Doc had seen me about half an hour earlier on the other side of the property as I toured an Expo. He was at one of the booths handing out tomato plants. I had walked right by and he was unable to get my attention, so he came looking for me.

The Doc is Dad to both my and my brother’s best friends from school and our Basketball Coach for years. Our families were always together growing up. Friday was Pizza Night, Saturday was Sleep-Over Night, Sunday was Church Day. At least one night a week was Bonanza night at what is now the local Uno Pizzeria with the same owners, also in our Church Family.

Our houses were about a mile from each other, as the kiddos walked. A little bit more having to go by way of car. And our parents used to trust the world enough to let us walk back and forth to each other’s houses with only the promise of a phone call once we got there. I can remember doing this as far back as probably 4th grade. I would never imagine allowing that in today’s world.

The Doc and my Dad still get together regularly for lunch and an occasional beer. But the rest of us have moved on and away. So it was very nice to play catch up with him. We sat bragging about his grandkids and my kiddos and showing off pictures. I asked questions about his retirement and he asked questions about my work. It was nice reminiscing.

I learned a lot from the Doc all those years on and off the court. He was always someone I looked up to, listened to, and respected. It was a great, surprising, unexpected Doctor visit.

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