Saturday, April 14, 2012

To Neat Freak Or No?

I couldn’t find my Coach’s shirt today. As I was hunting for it I realized my work clothes. ALL of them, were in the washer! SHIT! I have to pack them to go with me!

I have to work at 4, but Madi’s soccer game is at 2, but team pictures are at 1, but as the Coach I needed to be early, but it is 10:30 and none of us have showered yet.

Eh, that’s nothing, you say. Well, it shouldn’t be but the kids haven’t had breakfast, its looking like no time for lunch, I have to pack their over night bags for Abba DeeDee’s, I still have no work clothes, and cannot find my Coach’s shirt for picture day.

How did I get this UNorganized!? This isn’t like me. Hell! This isn’t me!

I have been trying for over a month now to NOT be the neat freak that I always am. I am trying to lay low, calm down, relax.

Look where it got me.

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  1. Everyone's entitled to a "slack" day. Don't sweat it girlie! :)