Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hubs' Turn

Thursday night at dinner Hubs was complaining of a stiff neck, tingly arm, and some chest discomfort. He said it was no big deal.

Friday morning (after I was dressed and ready to leave for work) he asked me to drive him to the ER. I panicked! Well, it’s what I do. And I do it very well.

I hollered to the kiddos to get dressed, grab some things to do and off we were headed. Hubs, on the other hand, calmly locked up the puppy, calmly got his backpack, and calmly packed the ipads, the charger cords, and even some toy trucks for JP.

We headed back to the same ER as two nights earlier. Upon arrival, I nicely told the man vacuuming the carpet that he should probably be very careful with the cord that was stretched across the doorway, through a chair and around a caution floor wet sign. Who am I kidding!? I was a bitch trying to get into the ER with all that crap blocking the doorway. It’s an Emergency Room for goodness sake!

They took Hubs for an EKG and BP check right away. They were calm so I got the impression they didn’t think the worst, as I did. Thank goodness!

I could see the worry in Madylin’s eyes and feel it in her three squeezes over and over as she kept holding my hand. She would let go for a minute or two and then reach right up and hold my hand, three squeezes, and let go, all over again. I think it was her way of letting me know silently that she was worried and she knew I was too.

JP was into wanting to eat, play on the ipad, and go home. He did seem concerned at times too. He wanted to sit on Daddy’s lap and know everything that was going on. It was difficult giving the nurses the room to work with Daddy while we stood off to the side.

They moved us to another room and get Hubs all hooked up to monitors. They drew blood, they got us chairs, and they set up the TV. We were told we would be there awhile.

The two attendings told us after the first hour or so that they were 85% sure this wasn’t cardiac. The rookie of the two told us that if we went down the cardiac testing route we would probably be there for some time. That was NOT a deciding factor for us. The Doc seemed to be leaning towards just a chest xray to rule out a collapsed lung and then send us on our way; until he asked about Family History. Hubs told the doctor about his Mom and her passing at the young age of 44 for a Stroke and so it was there that the Doctor’s story changed. He felt that although that was vascular and not cardiac, the fact that it was such a young age and was his Mom, we would continue the cardiac testing just to be sure.

Fine with me.

Hubs was taken back for an EchoCardiogram around lunch time. The kiddos and I were fed sandwiches by my wonderful friends Trinity and Mike while we waited. I had texted them to ask for Prayers and they insisted on bringing us lunch to help us out and keep us energized. Thanks God for family & friends!

After an EKG, Echo, Chest xRay, and blood work, Hubs got the wonderful A rating for his heart and was told it was looking great. The chest pains were not cardiac at all. They suggested muscular, or even reflux and gave him a prescription for Zantac in case it was reflux related.

We are now, both back to work on this beautiful Saturday and both hoping and Praying we don’t see the inside of an ER for quite some time.

I would rather take a Field Trip elsewhere next time!


  1. So glad that everything turned out to be okay. I would've been freaking out too!

  2. Girl! My husband gave me the scare of my life with this as well. Swore his chest was splitting in half. Yup, GERD. The meds for it are so expensive, but I'm so happy it's not cardiac. Sorry you had to go through that scare.