Saturday, April 7, 2012

I Got My Head Examined

Scenario One-
            Monday night I was taking a Boxing class and I took a giant kick to the head. Instead of taking me down it kicked up my adrenaline to the point that I grabbed my opponent, took him to the mat and kicked the ever loving crap out of him.
            No, wait.

Scenario Two-
            Monday night I pushed several innocent bystanders out of the way of a meteor hurling toward the earth at light speed and became the space hero I always wanted to be.
            Um, no.

Scenario Three-
            Well, Nick and I were in bed…
            No, scratch that. My Mom reads my blog.

Scenario 436-
            Monday night I reached for JP’s humidifier on the top shelf of his closet. Being the tall drink of water I am not, I dropped it and my head broke its fall. I fell straight to my knees in a sobbing mess and sat waiting for the kiddos to go retrieve Daddy. He quickly ran came upstairs to my aide and delicately pushed on my head to insure no bleeding. I calmly and politely hollered asked him “What is wrong with you!? That hurts!”
            I carried on normally Tuesday and Wednesday but with a terrible headache that would not go away and actually was getting much worse. Wednesday after work, Nick and I decided it best to get my head examined. (Badumpbump)
            A Cat Scan, a few tests and five hours later I was sent home with my concussion to rest and take some Mortin. Oh, and follow up with my doctor, which I have never really understood. I am AT the emergency room, with doctors. You have me here NOW. Why follow up with my doctor? You have me here NOW. I just don’t get that.
            Anywho, I am doing well. I still have a slight headache here and there but rather than blame that on the concussion, I’ll blame that on Nick’s ER visit.

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