Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Conversation About Poop

On our way to Soccer (finally) this morning, I’m asking the kiddos where we should grab lunch. We travel by McD’s, Arby’s, KFC, or Hardee’s on our way to the ball field. I list them for them.

Then I realize it’s Picture Day and there will be Hotdogs and such at the Soccer Park. So I tell them that.

Then I sorta take that back because I have no cash on me and we would have to stop at the bank and also we’re pressed for time and saving some time by eating on the way there would probably help. (See my last past on me not being traditional me of late.)

So I ask for their answer. JP says “bbblubbb blubbb pawk.” I say laughing, “What? Scuse me?” He says it again. At this point big Sissy says “Ewww, get your dirty fingers out of your mouth.”

I reiterated (like a responsible Mommy) and told JP that his fingers are filthy and he needs to keep them out of his mouth. He tells me he likes the taste of dirt from under his fingernails, it’s yummy. Umm, gross. All boy!

So, to freak him out and hopefully gross him out of putting his fingers in his mouth again I tell them both that worms poop in the dirt. Sissy just about barfs, but JP, on the other hand, wants to know what else poops in the dirt.

The next five minutes included me listing as many things as I could that poop in the dirt. Which moved on to why things poop. Which moved on to where does poop come out of on dogs, on horses, on ants, on spiders. Which moved on to what a girl private on a dog looks like. What a boy private on a dog looks like. Which FINALLY moved on to some nicer differences in boys and girls. For example boys and girls can do anything they want but there are a few things that one TENDS to do other than the other.

So that brought us to talking about farming and karate and fishing and coaching and driving and playing with dolls and legos. It was a great conversation.

Until JP asks “Mommy, can we go back to talking bout poop?”

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