Thursday, October 27, 2011

Follow Along

At the Coaches Meeting last night I chatted with a fellow coach I hadn't seen in years, “J.” We worked together in 98-99 for the most popular pizza place in Delaware. In fact, J taught Hubs how to be a Pizza Maker.

J asked me how “G” was and if we still palled around with him. I actually pointed to ME seated with me and told him that G is actually ME’s God Father. Then I pointed out “D” on the other side of the room, another fellow Coach and said G once dated D’s sister, T. We laughed, #SmallTownDelaware.

You with me?

I then reminded J that his wife C’s family was childhood family friends of my family and that I actually have pictures of C in a playpen with my brother, M. They are only 3 months apart in age. In fact, my Pops is C’s God Father. Hmph, #SmallTownDelaware.

You still with me?

What I refrained from mentioning, however, since no one really needs a reminder, is that C had a baby with my then Fiancée S and she was adopted because neither of them was old enough to raise a baby at that time. Um, yeah, #SmallTownDelaware.

So, now, some light years later, my daughter is playing ball against the kid of the girl that was once a playmate of us as kids that then years later cheated with my fiancée.

THAT’S #SmallTownDelaware


  1. I had no idea where it was going...but I wasn't shocked when I got there. #SmallTownDelaware


  2. Whoa.

    #SmallTownDelaware kind of sucks sometimes.