Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I’m in a funk. Time is getting away from me.  I keep telling myself I will ____________ tomorrow.

Fill in blank with:

Write a post
Clean the house
Do the laundry
Decorate the yard
Organize the kitchen
Grocery shop
Design a weekly menu
Go through my pictures
Finish that book
Finish my Christmas Shopping
Etc. etc. etc.

I need a day or two for time to stop. Just let me catch up. I feel very under accomplished, very unorganized and all out of sorts. Send help in the form of a personal assistant, please. 

(Also, on a disappointed in me note: this is not the Epic #100 Blog Post I had envisioned.) 


  1. Funk all that stuff. It can all be done tomorrow. The most important things you can do today are live and love.

  2. I feel the same way. Actually I feel 'forced' to do things I know I cant complete, then having to do something else, and not being able to complete that as well. Things are getting piled up and I want a break from all things.

    Phil's comment seems right, right now.

  3. Thanks Guys. It means a lot that you'd comment!

  4. Through going back to school, I have had to learn to say funk that I will do it tomorrow. I am sure you are accomplishing a lot and everyone else see it but not you. So relax, stop time will come & you will finish that list or your new one.