Saturday, October 1, 2011

(In Which I Over Use Patantheses)

I met T on The Twitter. We instantly bonded over an inside joke (that I probably shouldn’t put in print). One random day (Spring, I think), JP and I headed to my favorite store, The Christmas Tree Shop. I Tweeted T to let her know I’d be (sorta, kinda) in the area and would love to meet up to officially meet. She wasn’t feeling very well. She himed and hawed a little and I bugged and bugged. Pretty sure I even said chocolate fixes everything. I suggested Friendly’s (pause for shock and awe there).
She and her (then) almost 2 year old met us for lunch. T was my first Twitter friend in real life (*real life: what is that anyway?). When we arrived I was a little nervous, but somehow knew right away we were already friends. Looking back I wish we had been able to talk even more at the first sit down. We never seem to get a moment to do so now. Something always interrupts us.
We chatted over lunch and ice cream. And, of course, over the noise and fidgets of restless kiddos. Being long lost friends already, I even borrowed a diaper (borrowed? How do you borrow a diaper?) because JP caught me off guard at lunch.
A short time later we met up for a benefit dinner and brought the hubbies. We also celebrated her son’s birthday with them and met the grandparents. Everyone made us feel like T and I were, in fact, long lost friends.
Since those first few meet ups (in real life*) we’ve been through so many of life’s twists and turns, together, in a way.  We can (at any time) call, text, tweet, email each other just because. Just because we need a hug. Just because we need to vent. Or just because we NEED to. Just. Because.
I love that we pick up mid conversation, mid thought whenever we can. I love that I can text her out of the blue and she responds as if she was just about to do the same. I love that our kiddos love each other. I love that her MIL likes me. I love that my Hubs likes her and her Hubs likes me (not like THAT!).
Most of all, I love that she met me for lunch that first day. I love that she took a chance at meeting me. I love that she loves me.
And I love her.

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  1. Oh, I love you so much.

    I'm so, SO grateful for you and your family. And I'm glad I took a chance and ignored my feeling sicky and came to meet you that day.