Friday, September 30, 2011

Rest Easy Twitter gods

A couple of week’s ago I admitted my failure in following through with The Twitter agreement to do my Follow Fridays. To keep the Twitter gods at bay another week, here’s another list.

@KynaBaker is the go to person for sunshine and rainbows and hugs and kisses. She’ll slap you silly until you snap out of your funk and rectify your crappy attitude. This is not secret code for “she has drugs to share.” She’s actually high on life.

@jessicamcminn is my Lucky Thirteen Twin. We have so much in common that we rarely even tweet each other any more because, well, we know what the other has to say any way.

@butterflyjester es una bella Mamá con una hermosa familia muy especial y ángel vigilando a lo largo de todos ellos. No sé cómo lo hace. Ella nunca duerme.  (Tiene que gustar traducción Google.)

@The_Borg & @KityGaga are smitten. It’s nice to see she can knock some sense in to him.

@fishnchad & @ducktapegurl remind me of Hubs and my good ole days. They are good people bringing a new life into this world. I wish them all that parenthood has to offer. They will rock it.

@DelawareLatina isn’t afraid to call it like it is. But respectfully. She has opinions, she owns them, and she listens to yours.

@ILoveMyMinivan is my Daughter’s GodMother’s Brother’s Wife. She’s the Pastor’s Wife and brings new humor to Church. She proves it’s cool to believe in Him.

@kvode, speaking of cool, Katy makes farming in the First State cooler than cool. She never strays too far from her routes and is proud to still call Delaware home.

@moosegoosemama, hell, I did an entire post on her.

@Scribbles412 has to make my list because she scares me. Seriously, she could kick my ass.

And there you have another list. Read my original disclaimer. :)

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