Sunday, September 11, 2011

Nothing Says Loving Like Excited Puppy Pee

I just arrived home from work. Saturdays I work late. I like it and hate it all at once. It's fast paced at work so it goes by quickly and it's the party night so, oh, the sights we see. But, I miss the evening time and bedtime with the kiddos. Not to mention in the morning I'm usually tired and don't get the day started off promptly.

When I arrive home on these nights I am always greeted by a quiet, everyone's already in bed sleeping, peaceful, yet eery house. Sometimes I find notes left for me. Other times dirty dishes. I find games left unfinished and remnants of snacks left behind. My favorite is pictures colored for me and left by the door to welcome me home. I love that the kiddos were thinking about me while their sitter was here. It makes me blush.

Tonight I was greeted by Daisy because evidently she needed to go out. She should be sleeping at this hour but the garage door must have startled her. The smile on her little puppy dog face was enough to make Batman grin. I let her out and she immediately flopped on to her back showing all her girlie parts and wanting Mommy to rub her belly. Her tail wagged so fast that as she peed in excitement she got her entire backside soaked. 

So tonight, a puppy that now needs a bath first thing in the morning was so excited to welcome me home that she peed all over us.

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