Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Do I Need to Write an Acceptance Speech?


So, I won an award, I think, sorta, well, Yeah, Dammit, I won. It’s not an Emmy, but hell, I don’t have a dress too small for me to wear for that kind of an event anyhow. 

Apparently, as stated on Brenda’s Blog, here’s what I now must do (and I’m behind on getting it done):

            1. Thank and link to the person who nominates you 

Thank you Brenda of Four Legged Mom for awarding me my first Blogging Badges of Honor. I am amazed someone is reading the thoughts from my head.
Thank you also for being a loyal reader of these said thoughts and always having an insight on the things I write about. I look forward to reading your comments and knowing that someone understands what I have to say. Or, at least you pretend well. Good job.
Also, thank you so much for forcing us to have to meet sometime this week, as I have your thirty-one order to get to you. Yeah! Can’t wait for a hug! Holla! 

      2. Share seven random facts about you
                  Hmmm, 7 random facts. Are there any I didn’t cover here?
  1. I don’t sleep well. I worry too much. (does that count as two?)
  2. I love dogs. And the zoo. The real zoo, not my house at it’s craziest.
  3. I can’t hold my liquor. But that’s ok, I don’t drink often.
  4. I can’t stand rude customers. Or rude Customer Service Reps.
  5. I miss my Brother (he lives a state away).
  6. I complain too much. I hate that I complain too much. See?
  7. If the bills didn’t have my name on them, I’d be a Stay At Home Mommy.

      3. Pass this award to five new blogging friends (in no particular order)

a. Noise With Dirt- @mamaphan is my first IRL Twitter Friend. And a near and dear one, too. We met one day when on a whim I asked her pregnant belly to join me for a Hot Fudge Sundae. Her (at the time only) kiddo met my two kiddos and BAM, instant cousins. Her Blog is a reflection of her life surrounded by boys. And I love them all to death. She blogs from her heart. 

b. Mel's Box Of Chocolates- @boxofchocolates and I share the love of the beach, and children, and dogs, and chocolate, and teaching, and Grotto, and Miranda Cosgrove concerts in 110 degree weather. Well, not really love for the last one, but we did it for our girls’ first concert ever. (I’m still sweating). Mel is the Teacher I always wanted to be. She blogs about her life, her kids, and HER beach (it belongs to her, really). She is passionate about teaching her kiddos the ropes by letting them figure things out. She’s right there to catch them if they fall though. And then gets 'em right back on that horse.

c. I Want A Minivan- @ilovemyminivan is a hoot! Before I even got into to Twitter or Blogging, her Blog was being read aloud to me by a friend of mine (and her SIL). We would howl at the things Kim writes about. She is hilarious! And who'da thunk so many miles away I'd be tweeting with my daughter's God Mom's Sister In Law. D'ya get all that?

d. DebraZero- @debrazero, who needs to update her twitter handle, is etching out her place in the world, with a vengeance. Trust me, she is no Zero. She is a woman to be reckoned with. And along with her she brings her two beautiful girls teaching them day after day, "I am woman, hear me roar."

e. And there you have it, five new blogger friends. Wait, what? Yes, there are five. I swear I counted five.

      4. Contact and congratulate the awarded bloggers

I best get busy.


  1. haha you totally rock Juli! :-) I enjoy reading your blog. It's REAL. I hate fake, bs types of blogs. How do you get to know someone that way? Your tweets keep me laughing most of the day and the other half, well, I enjoy sending you virtual hugs. I'll get up with you on twitter to figure out when is good to meet for my girlie bag! :-) I'm totally not a girlie girl but I couldn't resist supporting a friend! Have a great day gf! :-) You rock!

  2. Thanks you, Brenda! For everything!