Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Little Tattle Tale

JP: Mommy?

Me: Yeah, Buddy?

JP: I has sometin to tell Sissy.

Me: Well, tell me, Buddy.

JP: Noooooo, is not yours.

Me: Did you have fun with Daddy playing trucks this morning?

JP: I has fun.

Me: Did Daddy have fun?

JP: Daddy not play trucks with me.

Me: Oh? Why not, Buddy?

JP: Daddy jus sit on da couch today. He tired.

Me: Oh, Did Daddy take a nap?

JP: No, Daddy jus play on him pone.

JP: Mommy, I like your seatbelt.

Me: Thanks, Buddy. I like yours.

JP: I not like Daddy's seat belt. It broken.

Me: It's broken?

JP: Yeah, Daddy not wear it.

JP: DAD! Daisy just bite Mommy.

Dad: Oh, yeah?

JP: Yeah, she bite her bOObie.

JP: Mommy not goin to work.

Sissy: Why not?

JP: She gonna be sick. She not sick now though.

Tattle Tale. :)

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