Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Make It Stop!!

“{You} never realize how fast time flies till you watch a child grow up. It's truly the most bittersweet experience.”

This was my friend Jess’s response when I sent her JP’s 4yo pictures to view with the comments, “My Baby isn’t a Baby anymore. MAKE IT STOP!”

Oh my goodness, how true. In less than one month our Baby will be 4! Four! I cannot believe it (and neither can my maternity weight).

It was just yesterday I waited anxiously by the telephone for my report to surgery call for his C Section. We had everything planned: Madi going to Abba DeeDee’s, Haley being taken care of by PopPop, bags packed and all. Then we got the call, Labor & Delivery was overwhelmed with “real deliveries” so we’d have to wait until the next day. Ugh.

It was also just yesterday that we were discharged from the hospital only to make our way to the next hospital to treat JP’s jaundice. The Pediatrician at our first visit wasn’t happy with the count and readmitted us to the hospital he could tend to. {My Doctor had privileges where we delivered; JP’s doctor at the other.}

It was just yesterday that we nursed and nursed and nursed his Colic with EVERY single idea we (or anybody else) had for the situation. It was just yesterday we broke some of the rules just to get him some relief from crying and screaming and screaming some more. {And by rules, I mean nothing serious; binkies, swaddling, tummy napping, whiskey- wait! whiskey!? Just kidding! See? At least I can laugh now.}

Just yesterday we had JP’s Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday, his Tractor 2nd Birthday, and his Construction 3rd Birthday. JUST yesterday! 

Skip ahead to, literally, just yesterday and our “Baby” is doing HIYA kicks copying his sister’s Karate moves. He’s “reading” Green Eggs and Ham at the dinner table and he’s helping Big Sissy feed the dogs. He’s zipping around the games and movies on the iPad and calling Mommy on the telephone to say hi. He’s parading around in his Fireman Costume as my hero. He’s making Mommy & Daddy proud and he’s growing up WAY TOO FAST.


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