Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Followed the Bus to School One Day

Today, actually. I had to stop at our friend’s house a few streets over. I took Madi with me so she could just get on the bus there. Our kiddos ride the same bus anyway.

After our kiddos got on the bus we finished our chat on her front lawn and I left for work. Probably a good five minutes after the bus had pulled away. As I turned left off her street I noticed our bus sitting to the side of the road without the lights on. I stopped behind it and waited. I think I saw Madi wave to me down the middle of the bus.

The bus turned left and I followed. At what I thought was the next stop, a kid was dropped OFF the bus, crossed the street and ran into his home. The bus waited (maybe 30 seconds) and then continued on. Weird.

Mommy Brain took over: was the kid on the wrong bus, was the kid sick, was the kid a trouble maker, was there something I wasn’t thinking of, how was my kiddo, is everything ok, can I pull up and ask the driver, should I follow???

I called my friend and explained what had just happened and asked her if I was paranoid. She basically said yes, and she is too. Follow the bus. And report back to her.

At the exit from our ‘hood the bus driver was nice enough to try to wave me around the bus. I said no and to go on. I ended up at school, parking, and taking my paranoid Mommy Brain into the office to ask questions.

Thankfully, the wonderful secretary at Madi’s school didn’t laugh in my face. She picked up her two way radio, called out back to the teacher on bus duty, and asked him to check on Bus #13 (seriously, do you think I’d put the real bus # here?) as she had a concerned Parent that witnessed a kid being dropped off. “Concerned Parent.” I like that. Much better than Paranoid Mommy.

Turns out the kid was sick, our driver called transportation, transportation called the parents, the parents said bring him home since you’re right here. Pheww. Sounds good to me.

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