Sunday, October 21, 2012

I Keep Reminding Myself

In just a couple of days I will hit the three month mark of my new position. *They* say don’t make a judgment on a new job until three months have gone by. 

I was offered the position back at the beginning of August. First day here was the 24th. So far so good but the position does come with some new challenges. I keep reminding myself of the same type circumstance 9 years ago when I moved to my last position. I keep reminding myself it took me time then, too, to decide that I liked the position and the move wasn’t a regrettable one. 

I keep reminding myself.

The challenges were what I was looking for in a new position. I mean, I was in my previous spot for 9 years. That’s a long time actually. I had begun to feel as though I had done all I could, exhausted every idea I had, trained those that would come after me well enough. There are days when I look back and question that, but really to no avail. You can’t change it. You can’t go back.

The challenges, though, have been, at times, just a couple times, overwhelming. Not overwhelming unbearable. Just overwhelming, why did I get myself into this? Or better yet, what did they set me up for? At times I’ve looked around for a hidden camera wondering if there is someone, somewhere playing a joke on me. Yeah, those kind of challenges.

But, so far, the staff has been mostly welcoming, the Guests mostly friendly, the Boss motivating and encouraging, and the work right up my alley.

So, for now, I guess, I’m looking forward to the next 9 years.

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