Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Own List (A Guest Post)

Do you know Juli & Nick??

If I could sit down with you for just a few minutes, I would tell you about two very special people…Juli & Nick!
·      They are true givers who share their love of family and friends in so many special ways. Just ask their friends who are their extended family!

·      They take their children on adventures together or alone. You may find Juli venturing off to the beach or shopping with two kids in tow while Nick is working. When Nick is with the kids, they may be doing volunteer work or visiting a museum. It’s always a surprise to see what these two parents are up to with their kids.

·      They are supportive of friends and family; whenever someone is going through a rough spot, these two are always there to offer their shoulders, their muscles and their brains.

·      They are both intuitive and seem to know when someone needs a pick-me-up; Juli sees to preparing and getting  care packages delivered;  and Nick knows when his wife needs an extra smile, hug or someone to listen.

·      They work well together, she likes to bake and he likes to cook! Invite them over and you’ll have a personal chef AND baker!!

·      They pitch in to do whatever needs to be done.

·      They don’t take things for granted.

·      They are a joy to have around and are missed when they are away.

Here are just some of MY FAVORITE THINGS about Juli and Nick…

Mommy and Daddy love to make the kids’ birthdays SPECIAL!

Mommy and Daddy foster creativity and imagination!
Mommy and Daddy see the world differently and see the humor in simple things. And then take the time to share those simple things with others so that they, too, might see!
As  parents they encourage their kids to believe in themselves and do their best.
As parents they are active in their children’s sports and proud of their accomplishments!

They all play and work together as a team.

This is one Mommy who loves to have fun with her kids and isn’t afraid to sometimes be a kid herself! 

Do you know Juli & Nick??


  1. I know Juli and Nick and my life is more complete with them and their kiddos in it. Only been blessed by our friendship for a couple years but know it's going to be a forever kind. This is a beautiful post and I couldn't have Saud it all better myself. Spot in! Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a wonderful post about a wonderful family! Juli, you and Nick are truly special people. The sun is always shining upon you. (hugs)

  3. What an amazing, truthful post. I'm so grateful to know Juli & Nick.