Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sixty Things

Family is everything

Respect and Love your Mom

Call your brother

Stand your ground

Teach your kids

Change a tire

Drive a stick shift


Drive an RV

Parallel Park

Use a level

Name that tune

Trust his instinct in men

TV Tunes

Check the oil

Mow the lawn

Climb a tree

Clean your plate

Don’t waste food

Don’t smoke

Enjoy your music


Fight for what you believe

Record musicals on cassette

Work for yourself

Words hurt

Trust your gut

Some things are meant to be


Seal coat your driveway

Hammer a nail

Back your spouse

Discipline your children

Train a dog

Don’t swim with a weight belt


Drive in the snow

Be symmetrical

Visit Cape Cod


Meet new people

Visit old friends

Paint changes rooms

Hair grows back

Screen in your porch

Don’t grow up too quickly

Fly a kite

Walk in the rain

Appreciate nature

Love animals

Regular is not Phillips

Celebrities are people

Use your resources

Love thy neighbor

Iron fists bend

Pay with cash

Fireflies aren’t bugs

Be proud of your kids

Swim parallel to the tide

Never get too old to call him Daddy