Saturday, June 30, 2012

Nifty Idea

I got this nifty idea to do a Family Photo Shoot as a gift to my Dad for his 60th Birthday. (I couldn’t write about it until we gave it to him:)

I set up a Sunday morning 11am time frame at a cute little Parks n Rec park down south close to Missy’s house (my step sister). I even begged my once night owl brother, Mark and my Sister in Law, Suzi to get up for it. I’ll leave out the fact that they beat us all there.

We decided on black tees and jeans for all ten of us: Missy and her family of four, Mark & Suzi, and me and my family of four.

We let the kiddos all play when we first arrived and I just started shooting candids; which was great because the kiddos didn’t realize at first. We didn’t really have too much of a plan, just the idea that we take a bunch of shots and frame them in a collage of sorts. (Can you believe it, I didn’t have a plan!?)

We had a really good time. We laughed and giggled and even joked about some silly shots we should do. Some we did and others we didn’t. (Miss, I totally should have pushed you on that swing, LOL). And the photo bombing my brother did behind the four grandkids was priceless!

We ended up going with pictures of the two grandsons, the two granddaughters, all the girls, all the boys, each individual family, each couple, and each grandchild separately. Oh, and of course a silly pic of all the adults on each of their cell phones not paying attention to each other (Dad hates when we do that;). We finished up with a photo of all ten of us together that was perfect for the main focus of the collage.

All in all, I found a collage frame with TWENTY-FIVE openings and was able to fill it through some very tough choices! Ok, so I didn’t do a list going in, but did you really expect not to see something like this…

We had a blast setting it up and were tickled over the fact that we kept such a secret. Can’t wait to see where he displays it.



  1. It turned out awesome!!! You rock at giving the BEST gifts ever.