Saturday, September 29, 2012

Help Me Out Here

I need a theme for a Holiday Booth I need to decorate at work. Our company has a day in December where each department decorates a booth and all Employees walk through for a little bit of Holiday Spirit at work. 

There really are no rules except the size of the booth and that you may not get a location with electricity. Other than that, we’ve had themes from It’s a Charlie Brown Christmas, to Gingerbread Houses, to Redneck Christmas, and Recycled Christmas. We’ve had Candy Canes, The Grinch, Wreaths, Snow Balls, and Caribbean Christmas. We’ve even had a carnival Christmas, fully equipped with a Dunking Booth. 

This year, being the newbie in my department, I have been tasked with the Holiday Booth for this area.

And I am about stumped.

Any thoughts for me?

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