Monday, June 25, 2012

Pile Of Dog Crap

What to do when you're damned either way? Who knows? Who will ever know?

What I do know, is that this situation pops up every two-three years. It happens when I've met my quota, when I've had enough, when I just can't take any more. When I'm tired of being stepped on, or seeing someone I love stepped on or just plain tired. Tired of selfish comments and actions. Tired of being left out. Tired of being taken advantage of. Just. Plain. Tired.

I finally speak up.

And no matter how I do, I come out smelling like a pile of dog crap.

It's inevitable. It's impossible for the situation to go any other way than me smelling like a pile of dog crap.

No matter what I point out. No matter what I say. No matter what I refrain from saying. No matter who I complain to. No matter what happened to get the two-three year cycle started again. It's always me. My problem. My issue. My fault.

It's bullshit.

Or a pile of dog crap.


  1. It is bullshit. I'm so sorry.

    Love you. You can always depend on me.