Sunday, March 17, 2013

Jerk Soap

Yesterday, as I contemplated life in the shower, I came to a revelation. 

The kiddos have it made with their soaps and shampoos, et all. At what age do the Batman, Princesses, Spiderman, and Madagascar disappear from our self cleaning supplies? 

Could you imagine if we continued with themed products in the shower for us Mommies and Daddies? You may see something like Edward and what's his name for the Vampire Lovers. Or, Beard Face, Duck Calling Guy for the macho man out there. Or, why not Steve Martin for the older generation: "Jerk Soap." I could go for "Magic Martha" if it cleaned my shower stall while I bathed. And "Moscato Shampoo-O" for evening showers.

I have to admit looking at all the bubbly, (pun, snort) colorful, fruity-licious smelling soaps, body washes, and shampoos made me a little bit jealous. 

I'm stuck with basically the blues of adult shampoo-ige. Heck, even our toothbrushes and his razor are blue! That can't just be my OCD at it's best. 


While staring at the differences in even the shaving mirrors of the parents vs the kiddos, one more thing came to mind of what the kiddos have over me when it comes to the almighty shower....


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