Monday, April 15, 2013

So Much More than You Know

So Much More

I am your punching bag
Your complaint department
Your blame for what irks you. 

But I'm so much more...

I am Pluto's keeper
A checkers game loser
A helmet reminder

I'm the jelly bean giver
The care package guru 

I'm the cupcake baker
The school supplier
The teacher's wish list 

I am the hand holder
And the swing pusher
The driver waving you into traffic

I'm the bathroom escort
The garbage collector
The mail runner

I'm the break room tidier 
I'm the singer in the shower
And on the commute

I'm the laundry folder
The waitress at my own table
I'm still the big tipper

I'm the bed time Prayer starter
The scavenge hunt designer
The Hide n Seeker

I'm a remote control 
I'm a pillow 
And a blanket 
 I'm a comfy bean bag chair

I'm a step stool and a ladder
I'm a party planner
And a celebrator 

I am Santa's elf
The Easter egg hider
And the tooth fairies' glitter 

I'm the play date mom
The minivan chauffeur 
The Lego magnet

I'm the donator
The hand me down lady
The yard saler

I'm a Friend cheerer upper
I'm the pep talker
A boo boo kisser

I'm a lover of animals
And kids
And homemade fun 

I'm a hard worker
A loyal, dedicated employee

I'm a Never giver upper
I'm a positive enforcer 
A motivator

I am a beating heart. 

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