Sunday, May 1, 2016

Why Must You Act Like A Dick? And Other Burning Questions

If you arrive to a business (store, hotel, restaurant) already pissed off, why are you surprised when things don’t go your way?

If you snarl at the person trying to help you, why then should we continue to help you?

Why can you not live by the honey bee philosophy?

How is it that you believe everyone is out to get you? Does everyone know you? What do we know?

Is this the worst thing to happen to you?

Do you get out much?

Do you treat your family the way you treat strangers?

Is there anything I can say that you actually WANT to hear right now? Or is it just the sound of your own voice you want to hear?

Do you feel better staring at me with a look that could kill? Does that make you feel superior?

Do you believe the words you throw at others?

Who do you think you are?

Can I walk away from you?

Can you walk back out that door and come back when you can be a decent human being?

Are you ever happy?

Is it all women that intimidate you and thus you act like a pig, or is it just me?

Why must you act like a dick?

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