Sunday, January 5, 2014


Dear Howard,

                I sat down this afternoon to write you a simple Thank You for the last three months of classes. Somehow, that doesn’t explain it. Simple is far from what this involved. 

               I’m not referring to the exercises, albeit, they were not simple. But more the mental and emotional investment an undertaking like me involves. 

                I’m not a confident woman, not an overly outspoken woman. I can be very shy and reserved. And most times I am negative about myself. I always have been. But somehow you trudged through knowing most of this and carried on pushing and pushing me. My excuses were not accepted but rather than scold me you encouraged me and motivated me to continue on and do better. 

                You had faith in me when I didn’t have any myself. You showed me that I have strength I didn’t know I had. You forced me to be courageous in times I thought I would fail and to be stable in those moments I would lose my balance, figuratively and literally. 

                I cannot even begin to put into just a few words what the last three months has done for me. I’ve met new friends and strengthened old ones. I’ve gained confidence in myself that even follows me to work.  I’ve felt more capable of physically doing things. And I have glowed in the compliments I have received from the people that see me daily on my journey. 

                Howard, for all of this and so very much more, I thank you. Not a Thank You that this is even close to being complete, but rather a Thank You for just getting started! 

                THANK YOU. 


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