Friday, November 29, 2013

I Have Issues

Maybe it’s the fact that I haven’t written in a while. Or maybe it’s the fact that I can’t speak at the moment because of my cold. Whatever it is, I take “pen to paper” today. 

I’ve been under the weather for about two or three days. Been limping on my right foot for almost a week. On top of that, it’s Christmas time and I have done no shopping, no crafting, no decorating, and no baking. The baking I’m pretty much ok with because I wouldn’t be able to eat it anyway.

I’m cold and tired constantly and I struggle each morning to get up for work. That four letter w word being the key word in the sentence.

I just… ugh.

And then I really… ugh.

You know?

Anywho, one of these days, one    of    these    days.

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