Saturday, July 16, 2011

I burnt my tongue on soup tonight

This morning I was too tired for breakfast.

But, I baked s’mores today.

And chatted with my neighbor.

I did a load or two of laundry. Maybe it was three.

I watched the kiddos play outside with a friend.

And play teacher and sit and have snack.

I would have loved a nap.

I wrote my shopping list.

And will bake more tomorrow.

A sent a hug to a friend in Boston.

I missed my Hubs while he was at work.

I missed my Hubs while I was at work.

I looked at that clock too often.

And yawned too often.

I wrote this list. And that list. And another.

I told the kiddos goodnight over the phone.

I burnt my tongue on soup tonight.


  1. Supermom!! Hope you're tongue is better today! :)

  2. Actually, Bren, SuperMom was not what came to mind today. I had a very bad day. :(