Sunday, March 13, 2016


I began something new with the kiddos. I kept seeing different chore ideas: hanging a dollar bill by a clip, rolling the dice, choosing a task from a jar. I wanted something in which the kiddos had to make some decisions. 

So I made a Bingo Chart. 

A five by five blocked sheet with 25 chores. Chores that are involved. Chores that are easy. Some quick and painless. Others icky and less than a favorite. Some I even duplicated so they could choose to do all or just one (toilets, for example). I even threw in a Parent's Choice for tasks we may ask for help with through out the week. 

Each week each kiddo gets a new Bingo Chart. They are not identical and they do not match last week's. Tasks are shaken up into a different location on the chart. My elder kiddo has some more involved tasks where my younger has some appropriate for him. Then they have duplicates. 

This is where it gets tricky. They need to add in some skill and planning in order to get a five in a row bingo. I only want a task done once in the week. For example, back to the toilets. You don't get to clean the toilet the day after your sister did and get credit for it. Too easy. 

Each five in a row bingo earns $4. They can earn up to five bingos in a week, or $20. I thought that was pretty high at first but a. I'd pay a housekeeper more if I hired one. And b. neither of the kiddos has earned over $8 for a week so far. 

The cutest thing is my eldest usually has tons of squares marked off but not in a row. If she learned to work smarter she could earn a living at 11.5. 

I'm happy that things are getting done each week and they seem to be enjoying it. 

Now on to Hubs' Bingo Chart. ;) 

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