Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Being A Coach Is Not About YOU

It’s about the training of others,
                about the fostering of our youth.

It’s about high fives on a job well done,
                win or lose.

It’s about looking forward to seeing your team,
                hearing about their day in school, their weekend,
                their lives outside of “your” sport.
It’s about recognizing your student may have been bullied at school that day
                and need a familiar face.

It’s about understanding your student may have lost a loved one recently
                and need some distraction.

It’s about knowing that not every student’s parent can truly afford this sport.

It’s about motivating each student based on their individual personalities, knowledge, maturity.

It’s about them competing, them playing, them participating.

It’s about giving them someone to look up to. 

It's about parents trusting you with their most prized possession. 

It’s about knowing what makes each player tick;
                knowing when your student needs extra encouragement.

It’s about compassion, patience, kindness.

It’s about their improvement, accomplishments, talents;
                their medals, their trophies, and their wins. 

It’s about their smiles, their bragging rights, and their pride.

It’s about growing with the player and seeing your teachings making a difference.

It’s about your player coming back to your coaching
                year after year, season after season.

It’s about your pride in them;
                with them knowing they made you proud.  

It’s about your successes through them. 

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