Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas 2.0

Two nights ago I asked Hubs for Meatloaf for dinner Friday night. We even invited Sherry's Family and looked forward to the kiddos playing and catching up since we've all been so sick and stuck at home.

Little did I know.

Hubs texted me yesterday and asked what time I'd be leaving work. I guessed 5:30 or so and said we were on for dinner at 6pm.

Little did I know.

I texted Sherry to make sure we were on for dinner. She had asked earlier if there was anything she should bring. I suggested wine. Mmmmm.

Little did I know.

About 5:10 I got a text from Hubs telling me he was outside to pick me up as he had a surprise for me. Of course I texted back, "what's wrong? what's the matter? what's going on?" of which I got no response. I worry, what can I say? So, of course, I packed up my desk and grabbed my stuff.

Little did I know.

I climbed into the Jeep thinking Hubs was driving me to my van and he had done something to it. Perhaps a Detail, a Car Wash, a new Console? He began to exit the parking lot, without my van.

Little did I know.

I finally threw on my seat belt realizing we were headed somewhere all the while my heart beating faster. I'm not much for surprises. I asked questions, rather accusingly, and Hubs began to get annoyed. Sorry. Again, I worry, what can I say?

Little did I know.

I looked back at the kiddos mesmerized in the movie and asked what they knew. They knew nothing.

Turns out, little did I know, Hubs decided we needed Christmas 2.0. We hadn't enjoyed our Christmas as much as we would have liked so he thought he'd surprise us all with an overnight trip to the beach. He took us to dinner, brought Christmas presents for each of us, booked a jacuzzi kitchenette ocean view suite with an indoor pool, and even brought cinnamon rolls for the morning because I had been so heartbroken Christmas morning not having our annual tradition. He had packed suitcases, toiletries, kids' blankies and Plutos, arranged doggie care from Sherry and had even had her in on the secret faking me out with Meatloaf Dinner.

Hubs had thought of everything. And surprised us well!

What I DO know? He's a keeper. With or without Meatloaf Dinner.

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  1. Love this! Definitely keeper. Just bummed we couldn't meet up and share the rolls!