Saturday, March 3, 2012

Betcha Didn’t Know I’d Continue This List

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I don’t care for self pity.
I saw Marky Mark’s underpants in concert.
I’m a Goonie.
I would rather eat out.
Littering ticks me off.
So does road rage.
I’m overly picky about babysitters.
I can’t leave the house without a shower.
Even when I was in labor with Madi.
My OCD is rubbing off on my kiddos.
And I’m ok with that.
I’m shy.
I don’t fight fair.
Rude customers tick me off.
I would nap every day if I could.
I don’t believe excuses.
I still dream about teaching.
I don’t like birds. Even pet ones.
I think I’m funny.
But I tell dorky jokes.
I am sentimental.
I have a good memory.
And attention to detail.
I don’t like to be late.
I love song lyrics.
I have never punched anyone.
I could make a wish list though.
I have to work from a clean, clear desk.
I love warm beer bread and zucchini bread.
I never tire of pizza.
I have a tattoo my daughter drew.
I’m waiting for my son to draw my next one.
I have a slinky on my desk to hold papers.
I have too much interest in Pinterest.
I’ve discovered Moscato.
I love a good Mani/Pedi.
I’ve never had a massage.
I should attend Church.
I do Pray.
I know too many product jingles.
And movie lines.
I wash our bed sheets at least weekly.
Our hangers are color coordinated.
I become a better Mommy every single day.

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